About prmpt.

A unique and personalised R&D Tax Incentive and Government Grants management solution.

Complete, end-to-end R&D management

prmpt. is a Research and Development (R&D) consultancy, servicing clients Australia wide, specialising in tailoring complete R&D management systems for a wide range of industries. Through education and challenging the status quo, our unique approach ensures every one of our clients’ R&D Tax Incentives are maximised.

We pride ourselves in offering you the opportunity to collect, collaborate, and educate your team. In difference to traditional, lengthy, and tedious annual consultations, we work with you monthly to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. 

By inspiring you and your team to be creative in all work and research operations, we can optimise the data captured to build your company’s Intellectual Property (IP). Through this, we are able to maximise your R&D incentive, all while maintaining the highest level of compliance.

Josh Lumley

Managing DirectoR

Josh is the Founder and Managing Director of prmpt. Josh comes from a background of start-up businesses across varying industries, from e-commerce and software to construction.

Over the last six years, Josh has witnessed first-hand the benefits of having a comprehensive R&D strategy can bring to an organisation. In the last three years, Josh has managed R&D budgets of over $17.2 million, resulting in a combined direct cash refund of $7.5 million for these companies.

Josh has a passion for delivering similar results for all clients through tailored and complete management systems.

What our clients say

“Josh and the prmpt. team were able to re-submit a government grant application we had originally submitted with Advance Queensland and had been rejected. The quality and detail of the application and supporting documentation was second to none and feedback from the grant manager was overwhelmingly positive. Josh took the time to meet face-to-face with us and was always available via phone or email when we needed him. Moving forward we will be engaging prmpt. to manage our Research & Development Tax Incentive and advise in other areas of our business as it continues to grow.”
Adam Lam - Director
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