Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) 2023-24 FY

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The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) is a national Australian Government grant that supports Australian businesses in their efforts to export their products, services or intellectual property (IP) to overseas markets.

Essentially, the EMDG encourages businesses to increase international marketing and promotional expenditure. Eligible businesses are reimbursed up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses that are capped based on the export readiness of the business.

The EMDG has previously operated as a reimbursement model based on eligible expenditure incurred once that financial year has concluded. The program is now a tier-based grant model where funds are paid in advance in milestone payments based on approved expenditure budgets.

See the grant summary below for more information.

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EMDG Grant Summary

Estimated Grant Amounts: Up to $150,000 of eligible expenditure.
The grant will be calculated as 50% of total eligible expenses.
(e.g. If you plan to spend $28,000 on eligible promotional/marketing expenses, you will receive $14,000 in matched grant funding).

  • Tier 1 (ready to export but has not previously exported):
    Up to $10,000 per financial year
  • Tier 2 (already exporting):
    Up to $18,000 per financial year
  • Tier 3 (ready to make a strategic shift in export strategy):
    Up to $28,000 per financial year

The total grant amounts will be subject to available funds and overall demand by other applicants.

Eligible Expenditure Timeframe: 1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024

Eligibility EMDG Criteria:

  • The applicant must be one of the following:
    • An individual whose principal place of residence is in Australia
    • A body incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001
    • An association, or cooperative, incorporated under an Australian law
    • A partnership that is Australian, that is if the partnership was formed and operates under a law of a State or Territory, and at least half the partners are Australian persons
    • A trust that is Australian within the meaning of the EMDG Rules, that is the trustee, or each trustee, of the trust, is an Australian person
    • A body corporate established for a public purpose by or under an Australian law
    • A representative body.
  • The applicant must be exporting or promoting at least one of the following to overseas buyers:
      • Goods made in Australia
      • Goods made outside Australia where Australia could derive a significant net benefit
      • An Australian tourism service
      • Intellectual property generated from work done in Australia
      • A trademark owned, assigned or first used in Australia
      • Know how from work mainly done in Australia
      • An event held in Australia
  • The applicant must own the Intellectual Property (IP) or have the rights to sell the product/service
  • The applicant must have an assessable income of less than $20 million

Eligible EMDG Expenses:

  • Maintaining a representative in a foreign country (e.g. engagement of an international representative in a foreign country for a minimum of 6 months to conduct market research or promotional activities of your product/service)
  • Short trips to a foreign country (e.g. airfares, accommodation, food and ground transport for up to 21 days of an overseas trip for you or a company representative)
  • Marketing consultants (e.g. engagement of a consultant to conduct market research or promotional activities of your product/service in a foreign country)
  • Short trips within Australia (e.g. food, accommodation and transport related to marketing your eligible product to potential foreign buyers)
  • Foreign buyer visits to Australia (e.g. paying for the airfares, accommodation, food & other incidentals for a prospective foreign buyer visiting Australia)
  • Soliciting for business in a foreign country (e.g. exhibiting at an international trade show)
  • Free samples (e.g. costs incurred to send sample products overseas)
  • Promotional and advertising material (e.g. Facebook/Instagram/TikTok advertising expenses in an overseas market such as the United States)
  • Intellectual property rights (e.g. the registration of patents or trademarks in foreign countries)
  • Training activities – Tier 1 applicants and representative bodies only (e.g. training of staff to better market goods/services in foreign countries)

Applications Open: 15th March 2023

Applications Close: 14th April 2023


Why Use a Grant Consultant in Australia?

  1. We do all the work for you from start to finish.  We manage the whole process, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We ensure applications are submitted as early as possible, as well as milestone reports to ensure prompt release of any milestone payments. Click here to read our client testimonials and our process.
  2. In our experience, the net value of an EMDG claim is substantially higher when completed by an EMDG consultant compared to self-prepared claims.
  3. We can complete your application quickly and timely, meaning the money will be in your bank sooner!
  4. We will maximise your claim by fully reviewing your expenses and determining what is and isn’t eligible.
  5. We can get started right away! Click the link below to make a start.
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We’ll review your eligibility and send you a proposal on how to proceed within 24 hours.

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