Your complete R&D and Government Grants solution

Our experts in R&D Tax Incentives and Government Grants are here to offer you the complete management system.

1. R&D Tax Incentive

We offer a comprehensive R&D Tax Incentive service that firstly involves a full audit of your company’s previous financial year to determine if there is an eligible R&D claim. This process and document building requires a turnaround time of 3-6 weeks depending on the availability of information. Due to the intensity of this process, we are able to effectively execute your R&D claim in a timely manner. The prmpt. team will then commence working on the current financial year’s R&D tax incentive and commence monthly consultations with your team to document, record and forecast your R&D tax refund or credit. At prmpt., we also offer unlimited government grant submission and management as a part of our R&D package. Rest assured if there is a grant out there for your business, our advisors will find it, apply for it, and manage it for you in addition to your R&D.

2. Government Grants

Not eligible for R&D? We offer a range of government grant writing services where we will work with you to apply for any relevant government grants that are applicable to your business.

The range of grants available change on a constant basis so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when the latest grants arrive or click here to enquire about an existing grant you wish to apply for.

3. R&D Reviews & Audits

Has your R&D Tax Incentive claim triggered a review by AusIndustry or the ATO? If so, we can help guide and support you through the process to ensure the best outcome and substantiate your claim. We can also work with you to assist in building and maintaining the required documentation to minimise the chance of a review in the future.

4. Strategy & Advisory

Thinking of starting an R&D project in Australia? Looking for sources of funding or just need some advice regarding research & development? prmpt. will work with you to develop a complete R&D strategy to maximise your R&D investment and ensure you’re not leaving anything on the table when it comes to government funding. Click below to see if you are eligible.

Complete guidance. Expert advice. Personalised service.

We understand that every client and their business is different, in terms of size, requirements, and work involved. Our expert R&D consultants tailor a plan to suit each client’s individual needs. 

Whether just working on an R&D application, government grant, or both, we can discuss our services with you to adopt a model that best suits your business.

Efficient & Effective

To ensure your R&D activities are compliant in relation to the latest guidance and tax legislation, we designate and spend a considerable amount of time on your case. 

As soon as lodgment dates open, we submit the application of your tax return/offset to ensure a prompt submission. We can process an R&D application in just 2-3 weeks, before allowing an additional 1-2 weeks for R&D refund/offset to be issued by the ATO.

Working with you, not just for you

As part of our unique approach, we work with. This commitment enables us to offer you the opportunity to collect, collaborate, and educate your team on how to research and develop more effectively for a greater overall outcome through the R&D Tax Incentive. All while maintaining the highest level of compliance. 

Teamwork makes the dream work! Together, we can achieve far greater results, earning you desirable outcomes every time.

Research & Development Consultants, Tax Advisors and Government Grants in Australia

Tax Incentive claims and Government Grants made easy, with prmpt.

By trusting our experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will always be in the know. Due to our ongoing monthly consultations, we engage with you and complete the required work throughout the year as opposed to the traditional once-a-year catch up that is becoming more heavily scrutinised by government bodies.

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