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Enter the following details for the relevant financial year to calculate how much you could receive in an R&D tax refund.
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    Group Company Turnover

    Select the total revenue for the relevant financial year for your company/group

    Estimate R&D Expenditure

    Enter an estimate of expenses you have incurred related to R&D for the relevant financial year

    R&D Tax Incentive Calculator: The Ultimate Tool for Aussie Innovators

    If you’ve ever felt that the research & development tax process is akin to untangling a ball of wool, you’re not alone. Many companies grapple with the intricacies, but that’s where we come in, armed with our R&D tax claim calculator.

    Our approach is refreshingly straightforward. Regular consultations. Continuous education. And a passion for challenging the status quo. With us, you get to collaborate, learn, and develop in ways you’ve never imagined. All while ensuring that you’re on top of the latest R&D tax incentives.

    Our R&D Tax Calculator is not just a fancy piece of digital machinery—it’s your portal to understand your financial standing in the expansive world of R&D incentives.

    What is the R&D Tax Refund Calculator?

    In the heart of Queensland, the prmpt. team has devised this R&D tax calculator to help businesses gauge their prospective R&D tax refunds. Our R&D tax advisors believe in creating straightforward pathways amidst seemingly daunting tax landscapes. Simply put, this tool provides an inkling of what your R&D-related monetary incentives could look like for a particular fiscal year.

    Why prmpt. is your go-to R&D Consultancy

    Simplified R&D Management

    Gone are the days when R&D seemed like a herculean end-of-year task. With our unique method, we turn this mountain into a molehill by infusing a systematic workflow throughout the year. This approach is bespoke, aligning seamlessly with your team dynamics.

    Dedicated R&D Expertise

    We don’t just offer consultation. We dedicate seasoned R&D consultants, ensuring their expertise aligns with your industry.

    Consultation with Compliance

    Our regular check-ins ensure you remain on the compliant side of things. We’re not about taking shortcuts; we’re about carving the right, fully compliant path for you.

    How the Research and Development Tax Calculator Works

    It’s simple! Input the specifics for the relevant financial year, including your Group Company Turnover and R&D Expenditure. The R&D calculator does its magic, giving you a tentative figure on what your tax refunds could be.


    Why should I use the R&D tax incentive calculator?

    It provides clarity and direction, helping you anticipate potential refunds, and assisting in informed financial decisions.

    It’s a guiding tool, offering estimates. For a more in-depth analysis, always refer to an R&D tax consultant.

    No. R&D incentives cater to both small startups and large corporations. The goal is to foster innovation across the board.

    Incorporating the R&D tax claim calculator is great, but regular consultations are key. With prmpt., this becomes a smooth, hassle-free process.

    Get Started with prmpt. Today!

    Ready to deep dive into the complexities of R&D tax? Let’s make it less about the numbers and more about realising your innovative potential. Use our R&D calculator as a starting point, but remember, it’s the human touch that makes the difference.

    Make an informed choice; make it with prmpt. For a tailored consultation and to make the most of R&D in the Aussie landscape, reach out now. And remember, innovation paired with informed decisions is a match made down under!


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