The prmpt. Approach: Revolutionising R&D Tax Advisory in Australia

Welcome to the R&D tax advisor hub where we simplify the convoluted. We’re not your average, run-of-the-mill R&D consultancy. Far from it! We’re here to challenge the norm, sprinkle in a bit of humour, and provide top-notch R&D tax advice for businesses across Australia.

Why Choose prmpt. as Your R&D Tax Advisor?

The R&D tax advisor Australia community is vast. Yet, while many consultancies might leave you head-scratching and drowning in paperwork, we’ve streamlined the process. Why? Because we believe in efficiency and keeping things jargon-free.

The Complete R&D Solution

Ever felt that traditional R&D processes feel like a yearly trip to the dentist? Not with us! We’re the breath of fresh air you’ve been craving. Our unique method ensures you receive the most accurate advice, tailored for your industry.

Regular Consultation and Higher Compliance

Our commitment doesn’t end with one consultation. With our regular meetings, we ensure all your R&D endeavours are well-documented and in line with the latest tax legislation. It’s all about maximising your claim, without missing a beat!

Intellectual Property Safety

Your company’s Intellectual Property is gold. We ensure it’s safely stored, not just lingering with that one employee who’s eyeing a sabbatical in Bali.

Tailored, Informative Workshops

Our team is dedicated to reshaping your company’s work culture. Through our workshops, we guide your team on recognising and documenting R&D activities effectively. Knowledge is power, after all!

FAQs on R&D Tax Advisory with prmpt.

Our end-to-end solution, regular consultations, and focus on education set us apart. Plus, we’ve got a knack for making R&D less intimidating!

With us, what you see is what you get! Our R&D calculator provides an estimate of potential tax refunds, making financial planning smoother.

Depending on your needs, we arrange either fortnightly or monthly consultations. We’re flexible!

Absolutely! IP security is paramount to us. Your secrets are safe and sound. We’ll even send you a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) when you get started with us to ensure your data and know-how is fully protected and remains confidential.

The R&D Tax Incentive Calculator

Wondering about potential R&D tax refunds? Use our R&D Tax Refund Calculator for an estimate. It’s like having a crystal ball, minus the mystique.


Let’s Shape Your R&D Future Together!

Taking the leap with R&D is no small feat. But with prmpt., it doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle. Get in touch with our seasoned R&D tax advisors, and let’s chart a course for innovation, together!


Fancy a chat about your R&D journey? Get in touch! Our team is eager to share insights, have a chuckle, and ensure your R&D claims are spot on. Let us make R&D less “Argh” and more “Aha!”

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